Monday, January 22, 2024

PMODE 4 Artifact Colored 8x8 Tileset Scene Maker

 After looking at some posts from Allen Huffman on the COCO FB group and on his site: ... and-sound/

Here is one of his videos:

I thought about how would those 8x8 tiles, originally black and white, handle artifact colors.
As we can see, it is very hard to get tanks with the 2 pure colors.
So what about a single color and some 3d?

Here is some testings:

So here are 4 frames for each single colored tank, tiles for the background and color ramped tiles for whatever FXs.

This is what they look, and is also the tile set file needed to run the code:

Finally, a Scene Maker to test the tile set in action:

Ops, updated the engine:
  • Code should be much easier to understand.
  • Randomicity on number of layer repetition (displayed on the lower right, when available).
  • Layer with tanks!
  • Got rid of the ugly fences.

The ugBasic UPDATED source code, files and COCO binaries are here:

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